Letters of Objection

The following letter contains some salient points of objection against the inclusion of proposal OSW004 in Shropshire Council’s SAMDev report.

In WORD format – please add date, your name and additional points you would like to make:

OSW004 SAMdev objections letter

In PDF format (to be printed out and signed should you agree with the points presented:

OSW004 SAMdev objections letter (PDF)

With kind thanks,
Old Oswestry Hillfort Campaign



  1. The objections letter is crystal clear and really helpful and is probably best sent in hard copy( including mention of copies sent to relevant bodies and individuals) if at all possible.
    Appreciative thanks for this very useful template.

  2. I was pleased to see news of your campaign in the Salon newsletter. I have attempted to get the Shropshire Archaeological Society to make representations to the County Council, but they did not seem very keen. I am astonished that such development should be even contemplated in the vicinity of such a major monument – surely the north western equivalent of Maiden Castle. I have downloaded the pdf letter to send off (my computer would not open the Word version). I expect you know that public opinion in Church Stretton has forced the withdrawal (at least for a time) of similar proposals near Caer Caradoc. If I can be of any help, please contact me.
    May your campaign succeed, Martin Speight

    • Dear Dr Speight,

      Thank you so much for your support. We are similarly astonished. Next stage is to challenge the soundness of the process.
      It’s all getting very involved for such a small “apparent” gain.

      I shall let the team know of your comment and support.

      Thanks again!

  3. I am a member of the Seaton Sluice archaeological group in Northumberland.
    I strongly object to the housing development, the hill fort is steeped in history
    and should be preserved as it is for our present day children and future generations of children
    to see and understand how from humble beginnings we have through time to develop into the world as we know it now. From past experience one small development will rapidly become a large development and this should never be allowed to happen.

    Dave Caswell

  4. This is totally unthinkable about developing a national monument, although I don’t live in Oswestry anymore, I was born and raised there and still consider it as my home town, I still have family there also. The council should reject any development proposals as utterly ridiculous, I mean what’s next, houses on shelfie!

  5. No NO to housing on hill fort. I was for many years a frequent visitor to Oswestry loved the town and the fort views. Is nothing sacred

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