Volunteers’ Day, Tuesday 18 February

Get involved with your hillfort. Join our volunteers’ session carrying out landscape maintenance. We’ll be clearing overgrowth on the western side around the ponds on Tuesday 18 February, from 9.30am to 3pm. Please register beforehand – send us a message or email: ohgateway@gmail.com


  1. Hi There

    I am enquiring if there is a ‘museum’ or centre of information for the Hillworks located in Oswestry. We have friends from Australia visiting us this year and they have shown a great interest in visiting the site.

    Cliff Wood

    • Hi Cliff, thanks for your message. Sadly, there isn’t, although there are information boards around the site from English Heritage detailing the history and use of the site.
      Hope that helps, and that your friends have a great time. Cheers.

  2. I have a proposal for creating such a museum that is backed by a local businessman. Do you have a contact within your organisation with whom I can discuss it?
    Already spoken to Tim Malim who is enthusiastic about the idea.

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