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  1. Good luck with your fight against this housing development.
    Having spent 5 years fighting a similar housing application for building near Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire (See Kedleston having gathered thousands of pounds in public subscriptions for legal services, devoted hundreds of hours in time and effort – and losing, we learned some grim lessons.
    The planning law of this country is ‘broken’.
    He who runs out of money first loses.
    Local councils don’t have the money to spend on Barristers to defend applications from rich developers. Neither does Heritage England!
    Avaricious land owners could not care less for local opposition.
    Profit and money are the two main ‘gods’.
    As you can tell, we are still bitter and deeply wounded following our campaign in Derbyshire.
    I hope yours will have a better outcome than ours.
    Good luck again!!

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