PRESS RELEASE: Kitchen antics and cake drama at Oswestry Heritage Bake-Off

Three plucky Shropshire bakers faced the challenge of cooking in front of the cameras yesterday when they took part in Oswestry’s long-awaited heritage bake-off.
But while the pressure was on for the finalists, there were no tantrums, deflated sponges or decorating flops as the fearless trio kept their cool over a hot stove in the kitchens of North Shropshire College, hosts of the event.
Contestants Louise Taylor-Kennett, Alex Jamieson and Pip Davies, all residents of the Oswestry area, man- aged to complete their ambitious cake creations on time, rising to the occasion just like their expertly crafted sponges.
Terry and Dru Cripps, aka body-popping and improvisational duo Pimp$ouls, stepped into the shoes of Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins to present the contest which is being made into a film.
Judging takes place today (Saturday 10) in the bake-off tent at Oswestry Castle Bank as part of the town’s Heritage Open Days celebrations continuing over the weekend.
Judges Yossi Gliksman and Margaret Edwards will be tasting the three historical showstoppers, each inter- preting an aspect of local heritage, and deciding on the winner. Oswestry Town councillor and Shropshire councillor, Vince Hunt, will present the victorious baker with the coveted bake-off trophy.
The project, which aims to promote Oswestry Borderland heritage through the universally popular medi- um of cake, has been created by HOOOH Community Group working with award-winning video maker, Joey Edwards, of Wrexham based Filmage.
Participants have given their time and talent free to the making of the film, due to be screened at Oswestry’s kinokulture cinema later in the year.

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